Contested and Uncontested

The firm represents clients in matters involving guardianship (contested and uncontested), power of attorney documents, health care surrogate representation and related litigation.  The firm represents family guardians, professional guardians, wards in guardianship proceedings, power of attorney agents, professional fiduciaries, and health care surrogate agents.  


Fiduciary Litigation

The firm represents clients in trust, estate and fiduciary matters and litigation.  The firm represents personal representatives, executors/executrixes, curators, trustees, professional fiduciaries in both pre-litigation disputes and litigation.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Power of Attorney & Health Care Surrogate Representation

In many families, the roles of power of attorney agent and health care surrogate can become complex roles that may require legal counsel.  The documents themselves generally contemplate the ability for the agents to retain counsel and have the cost covered by the principal's funds.  In families where there are complicating factors, such as rivalry between family members or complicated health concerns, it is more likely that professional guidance may be needed. As an agent for your loved one, your new role carries with it duties and obligations that go beyond the role of just being a caring family member. 

Civil Litigation and Negotiation

The firm also handles select civil litigation matters, which can include trial representation and can also include representation for purposes of handling a negotiation, mediation or arbitration for a client.  

Select Litigation Matters